The Adventures of Super Sponge
Me and my Rhino
Me and my Rhino Again
The Food Monsters
The Super Barnacle
Crazy Lobster
Rupert the Red-Horned Rhino
the Frog Catchers

Summer, 2010 -- Teo learning how to type.

Super Sponge had to beat Glateres, the boot, but an army of Hello Kitties attacked him, but Super Sponge defeated them all. And then he invented a new robot named Spongi Bobi to defeat Glateres. Six days later Spongi Bobi defeated Glateres. Spongi Bobi defeated Glateres by getting soaked with water, and started to throw water at Glateres and that's how he defeated Glateres. So then Hello Kitty got really really angry and so then she said to her Hello Kittys to make robots to destroy Spongi Bobi but Super Sponge came and defeated the King and Queen of the Hello Kittys. Then Super Sponge went home and Hello Kitty called other Hello Kittys to continue making the robots, so they finished the robots, then they made them turn into lots of Glatereses. But Super Sponge knew that Hello Kitty was making lots of Glateres, so then Super Sponge started to do lots more Spongi Bobis, and then he told them to attack the Glatereses. And the battle started. Spongi Bobi against Glatereses. The Glatereses started winning because they were more, but Super Sponge went into battle and defeated them so then they won the battle.

Chapter 2
Dad and Adrian get involved in the plot.

Hello Kitty was in the supermarket and, since she was evil, she wanted to destroy the cereal. She grabbed a box of corn puffs and stomped them up. Then she picked up a box of choco prix and was about to toss it at a 2,73 m tall man with a shopping cart, when the peaple of the supermarket came and yelled at her. She flew into a rage and insulted him, even insulting his lungs and his glasses. He got scared, and called over Big Al from the meat section, who had a black dragon tattooed on his biceps. Big Al strode over and said "Ma'am, why are you giving our cereal a hard time. You'd better leave this supermarket." Just then, something pink squirted from the flower on her head and hit him right on his tattoo. Slowly the tattoo turned from a black dragon to a pink dragon. Her flower squirted again and hit his shoes. His shoes slowly turned pink. Big Al screamed "not my tattoo!" He rushed at Hello Kitty and threw his hardest punch. She sprung aside and his fist hit the rack dividing Aisle 7 from Aisle 8. The whole rack heaved and smashed to the floor, exposing Super Pillow Man, who just happened to be in Aisle 8 choosing his cheese puffs. Hello Kitty turned and saw her arch enemy. She slashed at Super Pillow Man with her claws, but he ducked, then sent her flying all the way to Aisle 11, w...


February, 2011

It all started when I went to the pet store and bought a rhino. It cost 20,99€. I know that's a lot. It was a baby. My parents said this rhino thing was ridiculous. I said it wasn't. They said we should let it go to the jungle. I said we shouldn't.

Chapter 1: NEW KID

Next day a new kid came to school. He started being my friend but he asked if I had rhinos. I said I did, so he didn't want to be my friend anymore. He hated rhinos, but I think that's no reason not to be my friend. Anyway, how can you not like rhinos? They're strong, they're fast, they're friendly, and they even let you ride on them. He told me that his parents make robots, but I don't now if that's true or not. His name was Joe. Whoops, I still didn't say my name. My name is Freddy Pants. I even named my rhino. His name is Bighorn.


Next day I brought Bighorn to school for Show and Tell. Joe tried to destroy him. He tried by telling everybody to attack him. So about sixty kids went to try fighting him, but Bighorn was too strong. Joe said "Oh, no, that rhino is too strong". Next day, since Bighorn had beaten the bad kids up, I thought nothing bad would happen at school. Everybody was mad at me except my friends, Bob and Obb. The teachers punished me and my friends for a long time. Then they were going to make Bighorn go to the jungle, but he escaped and went to my house.


I was happy because tomorrow it was Christmas and my presents would come. But when I was preparing my stocking, Joe came, put the stocking on my head, and said "Where's that rhino?" I didn't want to tell him, but my parents told him. I was in big trouble. I told Bighorn he should run, so Joe and the other kids wouldn't get him, but the kids went in a car and they caught him. They were going to make him go to the zoo. They were pushing him with their car. He almost escaped, but a car right behind pushed him. Then it happened again and again -- nine times. But they caught him with a net. He was breaking the net, so they threw eight more nets on him. They thought maybe they should take him to their house and hurt him. Santa Claus just happened to be flying in his sleigh overhead at the time. A toy sword fell out of his bag, dropped through the air, and cut the strings of the nine nets. Bighorn escaped.

So the kids quit helping Joe.


It was the third day of January. I thought it was the coldest day ever, because even Bighorn said he was cold. I had to put a mitten on Bighorn's horn.

Next day it was even colder. I even had to put clothes all around Bighorn.

Joe came and said "Some day soon, you're going to be destroyed by some robots that my parents made."

Next day it really was the coldest day ever. Joe came and tried to destroy my rhino with a whole lot of robots, but the rhino just ran with me on top -- not very fast, because Bighorn knew the robots would freeze and then explode. And they did. And then Bighorn smacked Joe all the way to his house.


Next day was a school day. Bighorn wanted to go to school, but I told him he shouldn't.

Right when I got to school, Joe asked me "where's the rhino?" I said "I don't know". He said "If you don't tell me, you're going to be destroyed by my father's robots." I said "Okay. He's right behind you destroying your robots." Joe said "Yeah, yeah, sure. Tell m... Aaaahhhh!" Bighorn banged Joe to another classroom. I told Bighorn he really should go home before Joe comes back. Bighorn started running home, but some robots stopped him. Then Joe came, but Bighorn smacked Joe out of school. The robots were not holding Bighorn very hard, so Bighorn escaped again.


Next day, Bighorn wanted to see his friends. I asked him "Where are your friends?" He said "I think there's a place where there are lot of animals. I said "There is." So he said "I guess they're there", so we went to the zoo.

But Joe was in the zoo too, hurting the other rhinos. I also saw Bob and Obb feeding the gorillas. I told Bob and Obb that Joe was hurting the rhinos, so they came with me. I told Bighorn to get Joe, so Bighorn whacked him with his horn all the way to Joe's house.

Right at that moment, the zoo closed.

One hour later, Bob, Obb, Bighorn, and me were trapped in the zoo. Bighorn was talking to his friends, when all of a sudden, a cage fell on Bighorn. I said "Oh, no, it's Joe!" We were trying to get him out for one minute, but then we saw it was a zoo keeper that had trapped him. The zoo keeper said to all the other zoo keeper that a rhino had escaped. Bighorn said "I'm not from the zoo." Since Bighorn talked, the zoo keeper knew he wasn't from the zoo, so he let him go free. Right at that moment, Joe came up with a gun and shot at Bighorn, but he missed. Bighorn was going to hit Joe back to his house, but some robots stopped Bighorn. I told Bob and Obb to open the animal cages. The gorillas, cheetahs, and elephants destroyed the robots, and the rhinos smacked Joe to another town.


Next day, me and Bighorn were watching TV but then the door rang. It was Bob and Obb. They came to ask me about the robots and what was wrong with Joe. I said that Joe was trying to destroy my rhino. "It's okay, we'll help you" said Bob. "Me too" said Obb. Right at that moment, some robots came through the window to destroy Bighorn. Bighorn threw them back out the window, but other robots came through the door and window. They trapped me, Bob, and Obb and took us outside, but Bighorn went to save us. He got out of the house running, then he saw us. Robots started chasing Bighorn, but Bighorn was faster. He smashed up the robots and saved us.

Next day, the robots came back with a machine gun and some nets. They came through the window, but they banged against Bighorn's horn and they fell out the window. Some robots grabbed me and Bighorn and covered us with a net. Bob and Obb came with a knife and cut the strings. Bighorn was about to smack Joe out of town, but the robots stopped him and threw him against a car. Then they trapped me, Bighorn, Bob, and Obb in another net. We were going to be dead, but a cheetah that escaped from the zoo came and grabbed their machine gun and started shooting the robots. Right at that moment, some chimpanzees grabbed the knife and cut the strings of the net. Then some gorillas, elephants, polar bears, bears, tigers, lions, etc. came and destroyed all the robots and then smacked Joe out of town again. I asked Bob and Obb if they could spend the night at my house.

Chapter 8: OH, NO, ROBO-JOE

Next day at 4 in the morning, Joe came and tried to drag Bighorn but he couldn't, so he transformed into a gigantic robot. Obb heard some noise, so he woke up me and Bob. He told me to look out the window. I saw Robo-Joe grabbing Bighorn, so quickly I grabbed the knife and threw it at Robo-Joe. He said "Ouch. What was that?" Then he saw me. He threw a laser. The laser almost got me. A cheetah came, tripped Robo-Joe and then went to wake up the other animals. Bob and Obb were grabbing water to destroy Robo-Joe, but Robo-Joe saw them with the water. He threw them to another block, but they fell right on top of a trampoline. Suddenly, all the animals came, but Robo-Joe jumped on top of the house. An eagle knocked him down, then he started running and jumping from house to house. He grabbed Bighorn and said "You rhinos stink because you like to destroy my robots. I've been waiting for this moment for weeks." But just then, Bob and Obb passed over in a plane. They poured a whole lot of water on him, and turned him rusty. All the animals at the same time banged him all the way to the moon. And Bighorn and I lived happily ever after.



February, 2011


One day when I was in the shower, a robot came. I started shouting "Bighorn!" Bighorn came and jumped on top of the robot. When I finished my shower and put my clothes on, I called Bob and Obb and told them that a robot had come to my house. When they were going to my house, about 30 robots came to my house and kicked my parents out of the house. They were going to take away Bighorn, but Bighorn threw the robots against other robots. Then Joe came with just about 80 robots, but almost all the zoo animals came to my house and destroyed all 80 robots, and Bighorn smacked Joe out of town.


Next day at 3 in the morning, 7 robots came, but 3 cheetahs were protecting Bighorn so they destroyed the robots and woke Bighorn up. Bighorn was looking to see if more were coming. In a few minutes, 30 came to take me, Bob, and Obb, and 40 robots went to attack Bighorn and the cheetahs. Bighorn and the cheetahs destroyed the robots, but the robots that attacked us had trapped us. Bighorn went to save us, but the robots trapped Bighorn, so the cheetahs went to save Bighorn. The robots got two of them, but the other cheetah saved Bighorn and the other cheetahs. The cheetahs and Bighorn saved us, and we went home at 6 in the morning. Bighorn was having breakfast in my house. There were 10 cheetahs, 10 gorillas, and 10 bald eagles, so nobody else could come in. Other robots, dressed up as my parents, came in my house, then a 100 robots came at the same time. So all the animals came to that place, but other robots came through other parts of the house. They took Bighorn and put him in a jail inside Joe's factory.


Next day, when Bighorn woke up, he saw that the robots were playing darts on him. He was really angry, so he threw a dart at the robots, so the robots were mad at him and shot him, but they didn't get him. Some cheetahs and gorillas grabbed the keys to the jail, but the robots broke the keys. The robots grabbed a bazooka, shot the cheetahs and gorillas, but they missed and broke the bars of the jail, so Bighorn tried to escape, but the robots caught him. The robots threw the cheetahs and the gorillas out of Joe's factory. Suddenly, Joe and his parents came. Bighorn smacked Joe out of town again, so the parents of Joe were really angry. By mistake, they threw Bighorn out of the factory, so he escaped.

Chapter 4: OH NO, WE'RE ON MARS

Next two days I hadn't seen Joe, so I thought that Bighorn had destroyed him. At 8 in the morning, I saw a rocket right where Joe's factory was. Then a bald eagle came through my window and gave me a letter. It said Joe has made a rocket and wants you and your rhino to go in it. So I called Obb, Bob, and all the animals to go to my house. So in 5 minutes, I had all the animals in my front yard. Bob and Obb were inside my room, then some other animals came, but they grabbed the rocket, so I realized they were robots. They put Bighorn, me, Obb, Bob, 4 cheetahs, 1 gorilla and 3 bald eagles. And they sent us to the rocket.


I was so bored. So were all the animals and my friends. We had been in the rocket for 7 hours. One hour later, we finally got to another planet. Bob said "Oh, no! I think we're on Mars." Obb asked "Me too?" I said "Yeah." Right then, an alien came and said "Strangers! Attack!" 10 aliens came. A cheetah tried one, and said "Yummy!" So all 4 cheetahs started eating them. All the aliens ran saying "Aaaah!" The cheetahs started chasing them, but Bighorn said "Don't! Or afterwards about 200 of them will come to attack us." So the cheetahs said "You're right." I said "We have to get to Earth as soon as possible. Come on, let's get to the rocket." But Bob said "There are no batteries left!" Then, about 200 aliens came to attack us. Bighorn said "I knew it". Everybody said "Oh, no!" The gorilla said to the rhinos "let's grab the rocket", so the rhinos and the gorilla threw the rocket at the aliens. Then, all the animals went to beat and eat the aliens, and they destroyed them all.

Chapter 6: BACK TO EARTH

Next day, all of us were thinking how to get back to Earth. The gorilla thought "we could tell the aliens to help us". I said "that's not a good idea." Bob thought we could rebuild the rocket. So we took 2 hours to rebuild the rocket, but then we didn't know where to get batteries. The gorilla tried putting an alien in the battery slot, but it didn't work. Then the gorilla tried to put Obb in it, but he didn't fit. So we started thinking again. The gorilla thought that maybe a bald eagle could be touching the buttons of the battery slot while he flies, but the bald eagle said "we can't do that!" Then we thought maybe we could make a bunch of space helmets. In 3 hours, we had made the helmets. Then we realized that wouldn't help us get back to Earth. Finally, Obb realized he had batteries in his pocket the whole time. So we start our long ride back. When we got to Earth, it was already 11:30pm. I saw my parents saying "Where's Freddy?" so I told them I had gotten trapped at the zoo. They didn't know that the zoo was closed for so much time. Anyway, they put me in bed.


At 5 in the morning, everybody was in my house. Bighorn said "Hey, why don't we destroy Joe?" So all of us were about to defeat Joe, but a robot saw us and told Joe we were back from Mars. But Joe said "Yeah, yeah, sure. They're in another planet." Right when we were about to destroy him, he said "How did they get back?" Then the animals beat up some robots. Joe started throwing lasers through his eyes, then he turned into Robo-Joe and smacked Bighorn into another block. The animals got so angry that they started chasing Robo-Joe. Robo-Joe started flying, but the bald eagles started chasing him. Down on the ground, the animals were destroying the robots. Robo-Joe's Dad came. A rhino threw him out of his factory. The robots were so, so angry that they broke a house and threw it at the animals. But they didn't get any animals. Bighorn and the eagles came, and started destroying the robots. A minute later, Robo-Joe came.

Then I saw a person in a car so that gave me an idea. I called all the animals to grab the cars and throw them at Joe, so they started throwing cars at Joe. Almost all the cars got the robots, but one tripped Joe. So all the animals at the same time smacked him to Mars, where the aliens gobbled Robo-Joe up.



March/April, 2011

Once upon a time there was a school where every single kid hated the lunchroom food and threw it into the trash can. but one day when nobody was in the lunch room, four monsters came out of the trash can. Right then the bell rang to eat. The first kid went in the lunch room and screamed "there are four monsters in here!" Other kids went in and they screamed too and ran out of the lunch room. The teachers came because they thought it wasn't true. When they got in, the food monsters were hidden. The teachers gave the food to the children and said "there aren't any monsters in here". But the children refused to go inside the lunchroom, so the teachers shouted for them to go in. Fortunately, the monsters remained hidden. After lunch when they were in English class, four monsters went inside the class. They wanted to learn too, but before they could listen to a word, the teacher screamed and so did the children. Everybody in the class was scared and went shouting to the principal's office. They told the principal.
The principal said "that's impossible!"
All the kids said it was true.
At that moment, they heard a lot of shouting from upstairs. Someone screamed "four monsters went in our class!" Then another class came saying the same thing. Then another, and another came. The principal said "Either you're kidding or it's your imagination. Now get back to work!"
But each time more and more classes arrived to the principal's office. Soon the whole school was there. The principal stood up and said "then let me see them!"
The search was on. They looked and looked, but they couldn't find the monsters. The principal said "that's it. You're all lying. Get back to work."
But everybody kept saying that it was true. Then a kid said "there they are!"
The principal saw them, but he said, "I'm sure it's my glasses or my eyes. Now everybody back to work!!!"
Some went back to their class, but almost everybody was saying it was true, so the principal said "Who wants to be expelled or fired?!!" So everybody headed back to their class. In one class though they saw a monster eating carrots and saying "Yummy". The other three monsters were studying. The people in that class borrowed chairs from the next class and threw them at the monsters. They missed.
The monsters ran out of the room shouting "Aaaaagh!" and went into the principal's office.
They told him "your school is nuts!"
The principal said "I can't believe my eyes. I don't have any imagination."
The monsters said "it isn't your eyes or your imagination."
The principal said "I'm sure it's a dream", but the monsters said "you're not in a dream".
The principal threw a bucket of water on his head and said "what the heck is happening to me? I think I'm going to go to the doctor right now."
The monsters said "Why? You don't have anything wrong, except every single person in your school is mad." Right then, when the principal was calling the doctor, all the kids and the teachers came with forks, spoons, knives, plates, glasses, tratrabricks, and lots of other things from the kitchen. The monsters said "What the heck are you doing?" The teachers and kids threw a cage at the monsters, but the monsters dodged it. The cage fell right on top of the principal.
The principal said "What the heck are you doing?"
The teachers and kids said "Sorry. We're going to get you out."
Meanwhile, one of the kids noticed that the monsters had all gone out of the school. All the kids and teachers forgot about the principal and ran out of the school. The principal kept shouting "Come back here!"
The monsters went to some police. The police screamed "Monsters! Get them!"
Six policemen started chasing the monsters. The monsters said "What did we do?"
A policeman said "Hey! Those people just crossed a red light!" so the policemen stopped chasing the monsters and started chasing the people from the school. All the teachers and kids beat up the policemen with what they had and kept chasing the monsters. The monsters went in the supermarket. They said "yummy!" and started eating it all.
Someone from the supermarket shouted "Robbers!"
The owners of the supermarket said "you have to pay before eating the food."
So the monsters asked "what do you pay with?"
The owners said "with money, of course".
The monsters said "we don't have any money", so the owners kicked them out of the store.
They fell right behind the teachers and kids running past. The monsters went right back to the school. They found the food that was going to be served for lunch and ate it all up. Meanwhile, the teachers and kids were tired looking for the monsters so they went back to school. The monsters heard the noise and hid in the trash can. The teachers found out the food was all gone. That made the kids happy. The teachers weren't. They said "what the heck? Who robbed our food? What's happening to this school?"
A kid said "how about we look in the school's camera? That should show it."
They found out it was the monsters, so they started looking for the monsters. Finally, one kid found the monsters and said "here they are". Everybody went, but before they got there, the monsters jumped out, screaming "Aaagh! You're crazy! What did we do?!" The kids and teachers said "you stole our food, and you scared us." The monsters said "we were hungry. If you're going to throw it away, why don't you just give it to us?" Then the monsters ran out of the school and jumped inside a sewer.
The next day, instead of having class, the kids and teachers went looking for the food monsters. Everybody was talking about where they could be, but they were in one of the kid's houses, eating. When the principal got out of his office, he saw nine kids going right past the door during class time. He said "no patio for a month!" Then he looked back and saw 7 kids running, so he said the same thing to them. And then again to another group. And three times more. Then the principal saw 4 teachers running, so he said "What is all this nonsense?"
The teachers said "there are some monsters through the school and they eat a ton. They're going to eat all our food."
The principal said "that's impossible. Is everybody in this school looking for those monsters of yours?"
The teachers said "yes".
The principal got so angry that he grabbed a megaphone and shouted so loud into it that half of the city heard him say "Get back to class!!! And work!!!" So everybody went back to class and worked and talked about the monsters. The principal said "and no talking about the monsters!!! Do math! Or English, or another class that's not Monster Class!! Work, come on!!!" So everybody went to a real class. Then the bell rang and everyone went home mad. When one of the kids got to his house, he said "What the heck? There's no food in my house. I think I know who it is. Of course, it's the monsters!" Then he went to another room and saw four monsters eating his birthday cake. He said "Get out of my house or I'll call the police, you disgusting big barnacles!" The monsters rushed out of the house like rockets. They were still hungry so they went to a bar.
They said "We'd like 400 plates of salad, 400 plates of stew, 400 plates of garbanzos, and 400 plates of lentils."
The waiter said "We don't have that much food. We don't even have half of that."
The monsters said "Then give us all the food you have."
So the waiter said "okay".
The first plates of food came, so they started eating and yummying, and passing the food to each other. Half an hour later, the monsters had finished, so the waiter said "That'll be 88,888,888.88 euros please."
The monster said "forget the money, we're still hungry. Give us more food."
So the bar owners came out and started chasing them and throwing only knives, because the monsters had eaten everything except the knives. The owners ran out of knives so they chased them through the city. Some kids and teachers saw the monsters and started chasing them too. The monsters fell into a sewer. The people tried to stop themselves, but they all fell into the sewer also. They all shouted "Yuck!" The monsters came back out of the sewer through another hole, and found a restaurant called "For Food Monsters". They rushed into the restaurant. There were 50 people inside. They grabbed the last table, and said "We're hungry! Give us all the food you have, please." The waiter said "okay", and started bringing the food. The food was hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, and things like that. They started eating. They finished and were not fat. So the waiter said "how come you're not fat?"
The monsters said "of course we're not fat. We're food monsters."
They waiter started screaming "Aaagh!"
The monsters said "What's the matter?"
The waiter stopped and said in a scared voice "'s...888,888,888.88 euros".
The monsters said "Aah, forget about the money."
So the waiter called the police. The monsters got back in the sewer right as the police arrived. The police asked the waiter "where are those monsters I saw before who keep robbing?"
The waiter said "I think they just went in the sewer."
The police said "Not again!"
Meanwhile the monsters were in the sewer, running and saying "now how are we going to get out of this place." The vegetable monster said "Why don't we go back to the school lunch room. I have a plan." So they went to the school.
The lentil monster said "How do we get in the school."
The vegetable monster said "we can climb on top of the roof."
The stew monster said "How do get to the top?"
"Well, jumping floor to floor. Come on! The sooner the better. If we stay a little longer, we'll be in jail. Come on."
So the stew monster made himself really tall and skinny, and the others used him as a rope to get up, then pulled him up. They kept going until they made it onto the roof. They ate part of the roof, even though they didn't like the taste. Then they came inside and slept in the lunch room. The next day, they were happy, but not too happy, because they knew that maybe the plan wouldn't work. They whispered "I hope it works." At lunchtime, when the first kid got there, he found four monsters there, mouths wide open, and with a sign on top of their heads. Each sign was different. One said "Stew." Another said "Lentils". A third said "Garbanzos", and the fourth said "Salad". So the boy put all the food from his tray in the proper place. The boy told the other kids, "Put your food in the right place." So that was what happened every day. The monsters were happy and the kids were happy. And when a teacher came by, the monsters would hide in a trash can.



April, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a kid who was in the zoo with some super power juice. He tripped on a rock when the juice was open, so some juice fell on a barnacle display. A barnacle went flying out of the zoo. The boy's mom said "Now look what you did. Now give me that juice before you spill any more." The boy gave the super power juice to his mom. But then, by mistake, the kid tripped his mom. His mother spilled some into the water and got two crabs. The mother said "You're punished!" So the kid grabbed his Dad's hand. Then the kid saw some other kids playing with a ball, so rushed over to play with them. By mistake he banged against the super power juice in his mother's hand. Some more juice spilled onto a shark. Later, the kids were playing soccer and by mistake he shot the ball into the mother's hand and some more spilled onto some piranhas. When the piranhas and the shark went to eat people, the barnacle went right through the wall, then he grabbed the gorilla's cage, and squashed the piranhas with it. Then the shark grabbed the lion's cage, threw it against the barnacle but missed, and squashed some people. So all the people that were in the zoo headed to the exit. A couple people got eaten by the lions. The zoo keepers went to risk their lives before the lions ate the other animals and the people. The super barnacle grabbed the cages of the animals and placed them on top of the animals that were loose. Then the barnacle and the crabs went out of the zoo to beat up the shark because it was eating up everybody in the street. The barnacle grabbed a 500 Kg weight and threw it at the shark, but the shark ducked. And Crab B grabbed 1000 bubble gums so he made 1000 bubbles. He put the shark in a bubble, but the shark popped the bubble, and fell in the terrace of an old woman. He ate her up, and started throwing things from her house at the barnacle and crabs. Then a car came to squash the piranhas again. Crab A, who was driving the car, threw some thumbtacks at the piranhas and the piranhas said "Ouch! Let's beat up that car. Let's bite the wheels." They made a tire loose. The barnacle then threw two 100Kg weights on the piranhas, so they got squashed again. The shark said "Oh, man!" Then some zoo keepers came to get their animals, so the shark threw some 100Kg weights at the zoo keepers, so then the lions, tigers, cheetahs, and leopards broke the cages and came rushing out of the zoo. The shark thought they were going to help him beat the barnacle, but instead they just went out to see the city outside the zoo. Then the barnacle got angry so he threw a couple weights at the shark so the shark got really hurt. The neighbor of the zoo that was sleeping woke up so he threw a thing of metal at the shark, then he grabbed a lot of rocks he had and threw them also,and the rhinos were still throwing wheights at the bad guy. The shark went in a house and found 4 kids playing monopoly and when the kids shouted, the shark gobbled them up. All the animals broke the door and went up the stairs and broke that door too and went to beat the shark up. But the shark grabbed some tables and chairs and threw them at crab A. Crab A did the same thing, so they started fighting. Then a rhino grabbed the biggest table of the house and threw it at the shark, so the villain fell out the window. Crab A started jumping on the shark. the elephant also jumped on top of the shark making him flat as a pancake. The crabs threw him into a trash can. All that time the Super Barnacle had been watching and laughing. The next day, when the barnacle woke up, he saw the shark and the piranhas were taking the crabs away, so he started flying to where they were. It took him a long time to get closer because they were in a car. Then the barnacle went to a car store and borowed the Barnaclemobile which was really fast and could fly and swim. He went so fast the bad guys didn't notice. He clicked a button and the Barnaclemobile started shooting barnacles at the losers, the shark saw them and went a lot faster, Super Barnacle made the car go faster. He went to the shark's car to try to get the crabs back, the shark pushed him back to the street and went at a really really fast speed but a poliece man said you're in jail, but when the poliece men tried to put him in the car the shark grabbed the poliece men and threw them really fast at the barnacle but they fell right in a police station. All the police cars of the city began chasing the shark. The shark's car was faster than the police cars, but he was soon surownded by cars. The shark started destroying the police cars with his car. Then the police took the shark away. Some of them where eaten up, so Super Barnacle and the crabs helped take the shark to jail. soon there was very few policemen left and the shark beat up the crabs and chased the barnacle. Finally, the heroic crustacian reached his car and saw the piranhas beating the crabs up. The crabs stoped fighting because they saw the barnacle and thought he had a plan. The Barnaclemobile shot millions of barnacles at the shark and piranhas. The bad guys tried to escape, when all the animals came and stomped on the shark, while Super Barnacle shot the piranhas with barnacles. The piranhas hid behind a tree, wich was soon choped down by Crab A. The tree fell on the piranhas. The Barnacle dragged the squashed shark to jail. But when they where half way there, the shark wacked the barnacle with his tail and escaped. Thirty police men with guns came. Since the shark was full he jumped on the police instead of eating them . Then the piranhas came and started eating some of the police. Suddenly big trees fell becouse the crabs chopped them down. The trees landed on the piranhas and the shark. The shark was hurt, so the barnacle dragged him to jail. But when he was halfway there, the shark escaped. All the thousands of barnacles came and helped Super Barnacle catch him and take him to jail.

Next day, Super Barnacle went to see the shark, but he saw the shark was almost out and the piranhas where helping him, he called all the barnacles to go there and also the crabs to beat up the piranhas. In twenty minutes everybody was there, first they beat up all the piranhas and then they put abaut 50 cement walls on top of the shark. Then they put an amusment park on top of him. They ran the park and the piranhas had to do all the hard work. The "Super Barnacle Amusment Park" got popular, and the good guys lived happily ever after. Although the bad guys didn't.


May, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a lobster with five friends and they played together all the time. One day, they made a school for crustaceans, so then all six friends had to go to school. They always played together in the patio. After a couple days of school, a really bad storm came. The storm lasted days and days, so school was canceled. Nobody could even go out of their house. One time, the lobster looked out the window to see the weather, but a lightning bolt got him right in the head. Right after, he asked his father "what's one plus one?" His father said "you know that." The lobster said "I know. I was just kidding. It gives one."
The mother said "you're kidding, right?".
"What does kidding mean? said the crazy lobster...
[the rest in Teo's book] .


A Christmas Tale
December, 2011

Published in the 15th issue of the Colegio Hispano-Inglés magazine

Once upon a time, there was a rhino named Rupert. One Christmas, he asked Santa Claus for a pair of glasses because he couldn't see very well (no rhino can see very well). On Christmas Day, when he looked under his Christmas tree, he found three presents. He opened the first one. And found a pair of glasses. He put them on and said "I can see better now." Then he opened the second present, and found another pair of glasses. He put them on over the first, and said "I can see even better now, but not perfectly yet." Then he opened the third present and found ANOTHER pair of glasses. He put them on also found a pair of glasses and said "I can see perfectly now! I believe I can read! OK, where's my book? Oh yeah, I don't have any books. I'll have to wait for next Christmas."

Next Christmas he asked Santa for a book. On Christmas Day, he looked under his Christmas tree, and he found a present. He opened it and found a book! He opened the book, and said "Aw man. I forgot. I can't read!"

Next Christmas came and he asked Santa for something that would show him how to read. On Christmas Day, he found a big box next to his Christmas tree. He opened it and found a tick bird inside (a tick bird is a type of bird that likes standing on rhino's backs). The tick bird said "My name is Mr. Tiki. Do you want to learn how to read?"
"Yes" said Rupert.
"Well, I'll show you" said the bird, already flying to Rupert's back.

Seven months later Rupert knew how to read. Rupert started reading the book to Mr. Tiki. After three hours Rupert finished the book. Then he said "Hey, where's Mr. Tiki? Oh let let me guess , he's on top of me Well, in the book it did say that tick birds like to be on top of rhinos. Anyway, I think I should thank Santa for all the things that he gave me, but how do I get there? Maybe Mr. Tiki can help me."
"Hey Tiki, wake up!!"
"Did you finish the book finally?" asked the bird, yawning.
"Yes, I did. By the way, do you know how to get to where Santa lives?"
"Well, just like I taught you how to read, I can teach you how to fly. Why do you want to go there anyway?"
"To say thanks to Santa."
"OK". And four and a half months later, Rupert knew how to fly.
"I believe I can fly!" said Rupert "Now let's go, Mister."
"But we need coats if we're going to the North Pole. If not we'll freeze" said the teacher.
"We can put our blankets on" said Rupert.
"Good idea, since it will take 2 weeks to get there,now let's go. We have to start now, or we'll get there after Christmas is over."

So Rupert started to flap his ears and Mr. Tiki started to flap his wings, and they started flying to the North Pole. They arrived just on December 24th. They saw a gnome asked him where Santa was, and the gnome pointed, and said "Over there, with Rudolph". They found Santa, and Santa said "Want some coats? You guys look like you're freezing."
"Yeah!", said Rupert and Mr. Tiki. Rupert told Santa "thanks for all the presents! Especially Mr. Tiki."
"You're welcome. That's quite a horn you've got there. Did you fly all the way here?" asked Santa.
Then Santa said "Rudolph's sick as you can see. How about if I paint your horn bright red, then you can guide my sleigh tonight?"

So Santa painted Rupert's horn. Then Santa went to his sleigh and called the reindeers over. He hitched Rupert in front and they flew away with Mr. Tiki still on Rupert's back. Santa and Mr. Tiki put presents in every single house in the world.



October, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a frog pond in a park. The frogs weren't very happy because some people liked catching them.

Before, there were 74 of them but now they were just 47 of them, and that's why they were always in the middle of the pond, and they hardly ever poked their heads out of the water.

There was a guy who went to catch frogs every single day because he wanted to make frog soup, but he only managed to catch one or two every month. His name was Bogger. One day, Bogger went out to catch frogs. When he got to the frog pond, he grabbed his net and started frogging (or if you want to, call it fishing frogs). Then Freddy (a frog in the pond) jumped out of the water to see if Bogger was there. Bogger caught him, but he jumped out of the net, hit Bogger in the face, and jumped back into the pond. Bogger fell into the frog pond, and the frogs started jumping on him. Bogger climbed out of the pond and went home. Later, he came back to the frog pond, but he tripped over a rock, and fell into the frog pond again, along with his net. Freddy and lots of other frogs grabbed the net, and threw it to the sewer. Then the frogs started jumping on Bogger. Bogger climbed out of the pond again. He went to the net store, but there were no nets left.

The next day a person named Booter was trying to catch frogs, but Bogger came and pushed Booter into the frog pond, so the frogs started jumping on Booter, without knowing that Bogger was there, so Bogger caught two frogs. One was Freddy and the other one was called Biggy. Freddy was yellow and pretty big, and Biggy was giant and brown. Bogger took them to his house and put them in a fish bowl. In the bowl was another frog called Stripey, a green frog with stripes on his back. Stripey told Freddy and Biggy that Bogger was a cheater catching frogs.
"I was just swimming in my pond yesterday when a cup fell on me. Oh, and what are your names?"
"Ok, I'm called Freddy" said Freddy.
"And I'm called Stripey, I'm the smartest frog in my pond.I'm sick of my pond. all the frogs in my pond are only 10. the rest are all tadpoles. Frog catchers come all the time, Bogger doesn't come that much, but Pickler and Beaneler are always there, and Booter is not there that much, so frog catchers do come about six or seven times a day and, how's the big brown one called?"
"I'm Biggy the biggest frog of my giant frog pond of 1629 frogs" said Biggy.
"That's totally imposible! said Stripey.
Suddenly Bogger came in and shouted "STOP CROAKING!!!!! YA, STINKY FROGS!!! Or i'll put you in my soup!! Today!! then Bogger went back into the living room.

Afterwards Biggy had an idea it was through the fish bowl to the floor.Stripey said "We can't throw the aaaagh" CRAASH!!! [Biggy threw the fish bowl to the floor] "down" cotinued Stripey in a really dizzy voice. Later, Bogger came and saw the fish bowl smashed on the floor without frogs, so he went to get the new net and an even bigger fish bowl and he started froging, then Biggy saw a painting on the wall of Bogger chasing frogs,so Biggy thought it was the real Bogger chasing Freddy. Biggy jumped towards the painting and bumped agaist it. Bogger saw Biggy and caught him, then he put him in the fish bowl. Later Freddy saw biggy and said "I'll save you Biggy" then Bogger heard Freddy croaking and he started chasing Freddy. Half an hour later Bogger came back with Freddy in his net and so he put him with Biggy. The frog cacher looked for Stripey, and he found him with a stick. The small frog hit Bogger with the stick. And the bad guy caught him and put him with the other two. Then he went to catch more amphibians with Beaneler and Pickler. When they got to the frog pond they got there nets and started frogging. Meanwhile, at Bogger's house the three frogs were thinking of how to get out. Biggy had the idea of breaking the fish bowl again. Freddy though it was a good idea, but Stripey disagreed.
"It won't work because we can't get out of this house"explained Stripey
"Yeah but if we break it I don't think he has more" said Freddy
"I bet he has another twenty fish bowls, we can't break all of them 'cause he'll buy more when he's running out"
"OK, who cares about whatever you're talking about. I'll break it" said Biggy
"No don't" CRAASH!!!
"OK, now what?" asked Stripey
"Now we escape" said Biggy really affirmatively
"You're the smart one, right? You're supposed to answer that" said Freddy
"I know! Let's jump back home!" exclaimed Biggy
"We don't know the way and we can't get out of here"
"We can get out of here"
"Yeah, how?"
"By calling the other frogs"
"But there's no telephone in the frog pond!"
"I have a better idea! Let's make a paper airplane and fly home" said Biggy changing the subject
(the rest is in Teo's book)

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